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We are Doug, "The Formulator"
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And we have the perfect, tailor-made programs that ignite transformative health changes.

Join thousands of doctors, athletes, and high performers who have transformed their health through this legendary, proven system.


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Ultimate Consult

$1,250 one-time Cost
($3,000 value)

This comprehensive fitness program is crafted by Doug the Formulator, drawing on his vast experience in mindset, nutrition, exercise, and supplement design. It’s ideal for those seeking a tailored fitness regimen based on detailed lab analysis, applicable to anyone from professional athletes to health-conscious, high-performing individuals like CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Doug will assess over 200 health markers, identifying nutrient deficiencies, health risks, and areas of strength. He’ll provide dietary and exercise recommendations suited to your unique goals, along with a custom supplement plan, without relying on TRT, hormones, or other prescription drugs. This approach aims to enhance your health, fitness, and longevity naturally.

INCLUDED IN Ultimate Consult

Participants often re-enroll in this program several times a year, maintaining their health with Doug’s guidance between lab analyses.

Diamond Program

$10,000/year ($36,000 Value)
or $1,000/month

This all-encompassing F.I.T.N.E.S.S program includes everything from initial blood tests to monthly consultations, tailored program design, and a comprehensive suite of supplements (capsules, packs, chewables, and powders) at one monthly cost.

Starting with detailed bloodwork, Doug and Hilary will conduct a video call to discuss your results and other vital data to craft your personalized FITNESS plan. They’ll help you develop a Health Identity Trait, similar to what they’ve done with elite athletes and CEOs, ensuring a solid base for your commitment.

Based on your unique needs, you’ll receive nutrition advice and custom supplement packs created from your lab results, covering all your vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplement needs. This program guarantees you’ll know exactly which supplements you need, confirmed by lab results.

Expect weekly email check-ins and monthly Zoom calls with Doug, Hilary, and fellow Diamond participants for continuous inspiration and accountability.


Platinum Program

$50,000/year ($100,000 Value)
Or $5,000/month

The Platinum Program is the pinnacle of personalized health and fitness, tailored by Doug and Hilary for CEOs, executives, and top athletes globally. This elite, highly sought-after package offers comprehensive, in-person consultations and testing twice a year at your choice of location, including Arizona or Las Vegas. Doug introduces advanced testing and motivational insights, including live blood analysis, arterial health scans, and body composition assessments, to craft a detailed health plan.

Participants benefit from a holistic approach, starting with the creation of a Health Identity Trait, critical for sustained commitment and success. Personalized nutrition and custom supplement packs are designed based on thorough bloodwork and other diagnostic tests, ensuring you receive precise supplementation for your needs.


Family Package

This program represents significant savings and is designed to meet the highest standards of health optimization. Schedule an onboarding call to tailor the program to your individual needs and inquire about individual pricing options. The Platinum Program is for 2 adults and children in the home. Extremely limited availability and many times there is a waiting list.

*We highly encourage this program to include you and your partner. Embark on your health journey together!”

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Hear what one of the top entrepreneurs and elite biohacker has to say about how this program changed his life!


With this experienced couple on your team,
and you’ll come away saying, “I’ve never felt better.”

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This powerhouse couple gives you exercise, nutrition, and so much more. They focus on:

Work with “The Formulator” and Ms. Natural Olympia Champion to reach peak performance in your hobbies, business, and family life.

*Applying doesn’t mean you will be accepted into the personal 1-on-1 coaching program with Doug & Hilary because space is limited, so apply soon.

A fitness mindset that will inspire
you to get through challenges

Asking your body what it needs
through testing

Health and nutrition that
begin with the cells

Tracking your health
for long-term success

Effective exercise programs that
push you to the next level

The personal attention
you need to succeed

Doug Grant was the first nutritionist hired by the NBA and is one of the original professionals to train athletes and doctors in holistic wellness. He trains thousands of doctors every year and has overseen 100,000+ personal training sessions since 1990.

With decades of experience under his belt, he has formulated supplements and proven programs that work naturally with your body to support health starting at the cellular level. He is known world-wide as one of the top holistic nutritionists because of the countless patients’ and doctors’ lives he has touched. 

In 2022, he was also inducted into the Professional Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for his work helping athletes train naturally. With Doug’s help, athletes, coaches, trainers, and CEOs shape their bodies and minds so they can reach their full potential.

First nutritionist
hired by the NBA

Expert formulator with several patents including patent 5,888,553

Trains thousands of health professionals yearly

Founded Optimal Health Systems, a healthy lifestyle company

Former owner and current board member for Iron Man Magazine

Personal health coach to top CEOs and high achieving couples



3x Ms. Natural Olympia Champion - Pro-Figure Master

Ms. Natural Olympia Champion - Pro-Figure Classic

Internationally certified professional trainer

Healthy eating expert

Hilary is one of the top natural bodybuilders in the world with dozens of championship medals to prove it. However, her favorite role is being a wife and mother. She prioritizes nutrition and fitness because they help her to be more present with those she loves and live a fuller life. 

Known for her disciplined lifestyle, Hilary still enjoys food. While she likes to eat, she loves making nutritious recipes that make eating healthy more manageable in everyday life. She understands what it means to fit in a workout between shuttling kids to school, helping to run an eight figure business, being a pro athlete, and fitting in time to cook healthy meals. 

Throughout your program, Hilary will be your go-to woman to help motivate and inspire you. With her expertise, you will create an achievable, long-term lifestyle to become your best self for you and those you love.

Reach peak performance by working with The Formulator and Ms. Natural Olympia Champion.

You can follow Hilary at @hilaryfitkit

Work with “The Formulator” and Ms. Natural Olympia Champion to reach peak performance in your hobbies, business, and family life.

*Applying doesn’t mean you will be accepted into the personal 1-on-1 coaching program with Doug & Hilary because space is limited, so apply soon.
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NBA teams, professional athletes and top CEOs have hired Doug for years, and now high performing couples hire Hilary as well to help them achieve peak energy and performance. After years of gaining these results with some of the world’s most elite athletes, team owners, and coaches, other CEOs started asking if Doug and Hilary could do the same for them. 

And the results were just as impactful!
They can do the same for you!